Winchester 94: Fore end start

Time to start work on the fore end. Here is the wood blank ext to the existing fore end.

Wood blank

I started by drilling a hole through the wood for the magazine tube.


Hole drilled but just too small. I needed to make a small reamer to make the hole larger. Here is the fore end with the stock after the grip cap glue dried and the metal piece I will be making the reamer from.

Fore end, Stock, Reamer

After I completed the reamer, I finished the hole for the magazine tube.

Tube installed, reamer

Reamer close up

Now it is time to do the channel for the barrel. I chose to do this without the help of any power tools.

Barrel channel start

Barrel channel

The next step is to take the channel diameter to the next size tool I have. Look for that in a later post with a picture of the tools I am using to do this.


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