Mauser: Bolt work

I am slowly getting to the end of the work on the Mauser project for semester two. This time, I am tackling the bolt. The first project is to remove the stamping marks from the bottom of the bolt knob. I did this by drawfiling until all the stamping marks were removed.

Starting point

Needs to be removed!

Almost done


The next project on the bolt is to jewel the bolt body. This is purely for decoration. It can be done in a few ways. Most of my class mates used a jewelling brush and lapping compound. I decided to use a “Cratex” rod. It is a rubberized abrasive rod. I also made the tool that is used to hold it. This is a long process and took me most of the day to do.

Jewelling started

Still busy

In the end, the time was well spent.


Done (other side)

I the next post on the Mauser, I will cover the barrel crown.

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