Some college and blog news

I am happy to say that the blog will pass the 1000 view mark today or at the latest tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that read and viewed articles on the site.

(Edit: Yes, passed the 1K mark!)


In some college news related to my studies, I am happy to report that I am now a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society.

Weekend “project”

I hoped to catch up with some of my backlog this weekend but it is unlikely to happen. I am a member of our Student Government Association (SGA) and I will be attending a state-wide conference with them until Sunday.


Welcome to my blog! I am a student at Montgomery Community College (MCC) in Troy, NC and hope to graduate with an Associates in Applied Science (Gunsmithing) in 2013. I started in the program in August of 2011 and this blog will showcase some of my work and thoughts as I work towards my degree. At this time, I am about halfway through my second semester of study. The first semester was spent making tools that will be used in gunsmithing. This semester the gunsmithing classes I am taking is Basic Stockmaking and Barrel Fitting and Custom Alterations.


During the course I will be building at least three bolt-action rifles. While I will be working on them until the end of my studies, I will update work on each as it progresses. Rifle #1 is built on a Mauser M48A action and will receive a custom wood stock and chambered in .257 Roberts. Rifle #2 is built on a FN SPR action (pre-64 Winchester 70) chambered in .243 Winchester. The stock will either be a laminate or composite. Rifle #3 is built on a Remington 700 action, chambered in .223 Remington and will have a composite stock. During Barrel Fitting and Custom Alterations I will be chamber and fit barrels to these and make improvements as is needed on the actions. For Basic Stockmaking I am working on a two-piece wood stock for a Winchester 94.


For more background, please read my About me page.


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