Winchester 94: fore end continued

In my last post I promised to show some of the tools I use to make the barrel channel. These were almost exclusively used, starting with the smallest and using the biggest only when needed.


I continued to work the channel deeper. On the original fore end, there is a cut out section as the magazine tube is very close to the barrel.



With the barrel channel close to the correct depth I started doing the inletting to allow the fore end to fit the action. I marked the rough outline, applied inletting black to the action and barrel. Then the long process started in getting everything to fit.  This is slow work and this part went better and quicker than on the butt stock.

Rough outline marked


Test fit

Test fit

I slowly worked at the back area and the depth until it fitted correctly.

Rear fitment to action

Front fitment

Rear right fitment

Rear left fitment

I felt I did a better fitting job here as opposed to the butt stock. The next step is to fit the barrel band and then shape the fore end. During one of the test fittings, I had to appease the blood gods with a sacrifice. The bottom of the hole on the magazine tube had a sharp edge I forgot about and it managed to break some skin.



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