Semester 3 (summer 2012) preview

In our third semester (final semester of year one in the program) I have to complete the following tasks for grading.

  1. Reloading: 100 rounds each of pistol, rifle and shotgun ammunition. The caliber/gauge choice is up to me
  2. I have to hand file and fit two dovetail blanks. The fitment needs to be tight enough so that no light shows between the dovetail and the metal the dovetail is installed on
  3. Manufacture a L.C. Smith mainspring and a L.C. Smith bolt spring
  4. Do four firearm repairs of my choice. I can only use a firearm for one repair
  5. Strip and refinish a one or two piece stock
  6. Do six group presentations covering the history, function, features and the field strip and assembly of a firearm. The choice of firearm is up to the group but three presentations must be handguns and three presentations must be rifle/shotgun

I will address the repairs in separate posts, but the rest of the requirements for this semester will be covered in one post per topic.

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