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Stoeger Condor

The first of the four repairs I performed this semester was on a Stoeger Condor O/U. The second barrel would not fire reliably. This was an intermittent problem which is always difficult to diagnose. On disassembly, I found the following:


Firing system. Everything looked to be in order.

At first glance, everything seemed to be good with no obvious fault in the firing system.


The stock bolt showed signs of cross threading.

The stock bolt showed signs of cross threading. This was repaired as a loose stock can lead to damage on recoil.


Detail on the safety slide spring

On disassembly of the firing system, I did find that the screw holding the safety detent spring was not tightened properly. Looking at the operation of the firearm, it is possible that this could cause an intermittent problem when firing the second barrel. I tightened the screw, cleaned the firearm, and test fired it with no malfunctions.