Remington 700: Muzzle brake

This is the last part of this project for this semester. The final step for the barrel is to install a muzzle brake. Normally, a muzzle brake is not really used on a small caliber rifle like this but I had already finished the crowns on my Mauser and FN projects. Originally this rifle was just going to get a crown but I messed up on an order to Brownell’s and ended up with this one.

The brake

The first step was to cut down the barrel and thread it for the brake.

First cut

Yes, this is a rough cut so I just do it with a hacksaw. The barrel then goes back in the lathe (centered of course) the front of the barrel is then trued and a tenon is cut for the threads.

Tenon cut

After this I made sure the brake fitted.


I then proceeded to cut the brake down to the approximate size of the barrel.



After I got the brake close to the barrel size, I polished it down to the same size as the barrel.


Spot the joint!

This concluded work on this project for this semester. Thank you for reading along.

One Response to “Remington 700: Muzzle brake”

  • Freiheit:

    Stunning work. Still a bit silly to have a brake like that on a 700 in .223. Damn good work fitting it though.