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Welcome to my blog. I am a student at Montgomery Community College (MCC) in Troy, NC and hope to graduate with an Associates in Applied Science (Gunsmithing) in 2013. I started in the program in August of 2011 and this blog will showcase some of my work and thoughts as I work towards my degree.


I was born in South Africa and moved to the USA in 1997. I obtained citizenship in 2008. In 2009 opportunity presented itself for me to change my career path and I decided to become a gunsmith. This combines my love for all things mechanical and my passion for making things. Most of all, this would be a perfect outlet for my attention for detail. Above all, I see the custom gunsmith as an artist that uses a canvas of wood and metal. If my work is ever viewed as such, it will make me proud. (And I will start working on making it better about ten minutes later)


After investigating the colleges and schools that offer courses in gunsmithing, I chose MCC. Established in 1967, MCC added the gunsmithing program in 1978. MCC maintain a strong relationship with the National Rifle Association and offer many short-term gunsmithing courses every year. From a logistic view, MCC worked best for my wife and I as we had to move for me to study and North Carolina offered us the best option to make that happen.


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My LinkedIn profile can be found here: Neil Claasen


Neil Claasen

Working on the Win 94 stock

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