Welcome to my blog! I am a student at Montgomery Community College (MCC) in Troy, NC and hope to graduate with an Associates in Applied Science (Gunsmithing) in 2013. I started in the program in August of 2011 and this blog will showcase some of my work and thoughts as I work towards my degree. At this time, I am about halfway through my second semester of study. The first semester was spent making tools that will be used in gunsmithing. This semester the gunsmithing classes I am taking is Basic Stockmaking and Barrel Fitting and Custom Alterations.


During the course I will be building at least three bolt-action rifles. While I will be working on them until the end of my studies, I will update work on each as it progresses. Rifle #1 is built on a Mauser M48A action and will receive a custom wood stock and chambered in .257 Roberts. Rifle #2 is built on a FN SPR action (pre-64 Winchester 70) chambered in .243 Winchester. The stock will either be a laminate or composite. Rifle #3 is built on a Remington 700 action, chambered in .223 Remington and will have a composite stock. During Barrel Fitting and Custom Alterations I will be chamber and fit barrels to these and make improvements as is needed on the actions. For Basic Stockmaking I am working on a two-piece wood stock for a Winchester 94.


For more background, please read my About me page.


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  • Wes:

    All right!

    Here I thought that I had a WordPress account, but apparently not.

  • Wes:

    Also, I look forward to the day when your banner features one of your own guns.

  • Freiheit:

    Your forced account creation and password strength rules annoy me. But you’re an OK bloke so I’ll tolerate it. 😀

    Excited to read about your projects. I’m motivated to go work up some loads for my 700 BDL in .223, maybe I’ll be able to shoot a tighter group than yours. 😛

  • Anton:

    Very interresting, keep up the good work