Winchester 94 two piece wood stock

For Basic Stockmaking I chose to put a new stock on a Winchester 94 Black Shadow. Introduced in 1998, this variant of the Winchester 94 was discontinued in 2000. The Black Shadow comes with a black composite stock. The wood for this project I purchased from a former student in the gunsmithing program. The picture shows the wood blank, the original stock and the blank for the fore-end in the background.


The first step was to inlet the top tang:

In this picture I finished the top inletting. The black marks you can see on the wood is from inletting black. Inletting black is applied to the metal part that fits to the wood and shows high spots in the wood that still needs work.

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5 Responses to “Winchester 94 two piece wood stock”

  • Freiheit:

    What dictates the outline of the stock on your blank? Is that a general rough pattern? Do you start worrying about length of pull and drop at comb this early in the stock process?

    Looks like a nice chunk of wood. Can’t wait to see this come together!

  • Neil:

    The outline you see on the wood is a rough outline that was on it when I bought it. Commonly, there will be a rough outline on stock blanks when you buy them. It gives you an idea of the pattern and so on. For this stock, I will use the existing stock as a template. The only difference is that the length of pull will be to my taste.

  • Boerma:

    Dit lyk vir my dat jy darem weet wat jy doen, vir my is dit Grieks! Geniet dit my kind en alle sukses met die studies! Groete vir Rhonda!

  • Wes:

    What he doesn’t say is that the last picture there was, what, 4 weeks into the project? It looks good, though! And we only work on stocks 2 days a week.

    • Neil:

      Wes is correct, that is about 4 weeks into the project. But it is a pretty challenging piece to inlet according to Jim Fiddler. Now that I am shaping the stock (updates are on the way) it is going much quicker!