Winchester 94: grip cap

The grip cap is now glued to the rest of the butt stock and I can start shaping it to blend in with the butt stock. The first picture gives you an idea of my progress at the time on the fore end.

Butt stock with grip cap and fore end

As always, the first step is rough shaping.


Rough shaping done

Rough shaping done

With the grip cap blended to the butt stock, I thought it was still a little too thick and made it a little thinner.

Still too thick


With the grip cap now at the desired thickness, I started smoothing all the sharp edges on it. I also polished a little to get some idea of what it will look like once I complete the stock.



When I looked at the grip cap, I was not happy with the way the grip cap flowed into the front end of the butt stock. It was not really something I could photograph, but I reshaped the front area a little and though it looked better.

Slight reshape

Slight reshape

In my next post in this series, I will outline the process of fitting a recoil pad to the butt stock.


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