Mauser: Barrel crown

The final project for my second semester on the Mauser was to cut the barrel to length and do the crown. As this rifle is intended as a hunting rifle, I opted to do a recessed crown. This provides protection for the crown as hunting rifles generally go through a little more abuse than most rifles. I started by measuring the barrel to the length I wanted and doing the rough cut with a hacksaw. If you are wondering about the cardboard holding the barrel, it has been replaced by a proper set of vice jaw protectors.

Cutting the barrel to length

Rough cut done

After I completed the rough cut, I mounted the barrel in a lathe to complete the process. As with all the other barrel projects, the barrel is accurately centered in a 4-jaw chuck before any of the work is started. I then squared the muzzle of the barrel.


After squaring the muzzle, I cut the recess crown and cut a 45° chamfer step to the muzzle front.


At this point, I completed work on the Mauser for this semester. The next item that I will work on the this rifle is when I do the stock from a blank. This will take place in the first semester of my second year (starting August 2012). I gave the rifle a good cleaning, made sure I protected all the metal parts and stored it.

2 Responses to “Mauser: Barrel crown”

  • Simply stumbled on your blog. Nice job and keep it up! I read the whole thing. Just got back from Raton New Mexico competing in the International 50 BMG rifle competition. Hope to see you name making the best some day.

  • Neil:

    Thank you Paul! I certainly hope so as well! How did you do in the match?