Winchester 94: Stock wrap up

In this next to the last post on the Winchester 94 stock project I will cover the issues I mentioned in my earlier post on this project. I will also show the almost completed stock and fore end. In the earlier post, I milled out the area between the upper and lower tang of the receiver to fit all the internals. Although I did protect the wood from the clamp on the milling machine, it did suffer a little and I was left with a few small dents in the wood. Luckily, they were not very deep and I did manage to steam them out. If you look at the full size pictures, you will also note that you can still see some pores in the wood. At this stage, the stock and fore end only have a few finish coats on them.

The next few pictures show the stock and the fore end close to what they are looking like now. Although it is difficult to see, there is still a few places where the wood pores show through.

I will do one more post on this project. I have gotten it very close to the point where I am totally satisfied with it. I still have a few small pores in the fore end which I hope will no longer be there after the next finish coat. Once I am happy, I will re-assemble, take a few close-ups and post those for everyone to see.

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